Management company specializing in real estate and healthcare investment
"Profit alone is nothing"

"Our desire to give meaning to our clients' savings quickly led us down the path to healthcare."

Jean-Jacques Olivié
Founding Chairman

"It’s good to invest, it’s good to get a return... but there is more to it than that.”

David Finck
Founding CEO


At Euryale, we firmly believe that financial performance makes sense only if it benefits everyone. By developing financial products with a high potential of progress, we create a virtuous circle with your investments. By contributing to the healthcare and housing needs of our society, while taking into account environmental imperatives, individual savings become useful and sustainable.

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ESG approach
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Is it possible to reconcile investing in financial real estate with helping to build a better world?

At Euryale, we believe so and a whole team of men and women has been successfully working on it since 2010.





Lutte Anti Blanchiment

The AMF, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (The French Financial Markets Authority), fights every year against money laundering as well as the financing of terrorism. Since February 2020, the 5th directive has also been setting up a series of measures to carry out this fight in the best conditions. Therefore, every day, all financial institutions but also real estate professionals show great vigilance in the fight against money laundering. Here are some important things about it.

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Investir en SCPI

Real estate investment trusts (SCPIs) have replaced property companies created in the 1960s. In 1970, they were placed under the supervision of the COB (Commission des Opérations de Bourse) which later became the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers – the French stock market authority); nevertheless, they were not stock market products and depended on collective investment undertakings (OPCs – Organismes de Placement Collectif).
From 1980, the strong development of the real estate market favored the savers’ interest in SCPIs whose offer grew considerably, because of their much higher return compared to that of regulated passbook savings accounts, and with a lower risk.
When you invest in ‘paper stone’, you become the co-owner of a property whose management is entirely organized by the company that bought it. Rental income is prorated to the number of your shares and is paid to you regularly, either monthly or quarterly.
In this article, we will give you five tips and explain why SCPIs are an interesting investment regardless of your investor profile, then we will list their advantages as well as their drawbacks.

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Understand how SCPIs work in 5 minutes

In a context of declining returns on French people’s most popular investments, namely the ‘Livret A’ passbook account and life insurance, SCPIs deserve to be known.
If you want to diversify your assets and you still do not know this medium, here is an article that will help you understand how they work before investing

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Arnaque SCPI

It is not uncommon nowadays, and unfortunately even frequent, to see SCPI scams, and for good reason. SCPIs, Sociétés Civiles de Placement Immobilier, are increasingly appreciated by new or experienced investors: it is ideal for building up savings with an interesting return, where bank investments are no longer so popular.
Also called “paper stone”, the SCPI is more than ever victim of its own success and plagued by well-conducted scams.

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Stratégie d'épargne retraite

Saving money to apprehend the future with serenity is important. But if saving money is interesting, in order for you to enjoy a reserve of money when you retire, it is essential to think carefully about your investment strategy. Indeed, not all savings products are equal and will not generate the same results. To prepare for retirement and optimize your financial investments, here are some tips.

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Investir dans les SCPI

As 2022 approaches, their purchasing power is one of the major concerns of the French. The health crisis, the rising costs of energy and everyday consumer products are increasingly affecting their standard of living.
In the face of this inflation, whose impact is beginning to panic financial markets, households are worried about their savings being eaten a little more every month. Investing in SCPIs is a simple way to protect your savings and increase your wealth.
In this article, we are about to give you five good reasons why you should adapt your investments to the inflationary context and invest in SCPIs.

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Investir SCPI santé

Among the many investment opportunities, SCPIs focusing on healthcare are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reasons. A healthcare SCPI provides a comprehensive range of estates that offer a remarkably interesting return. A true real estate asset, the health SCPI represents a dynamic market that is constantly evolving, giving the possibility to foresee its future serenely.. In the following lines, we will explain why and how you should invest in a healthcare SCPI.

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Investissement sur

When it comes to investment, there is a reality that should not be forgotten: there is no solution that can combine good profitability with good security. However, you can choose between different investments whose returns vary according to their security level.
Thus, a safe investment is a risk-free investment that guarantees your capital. In this article, we will try to determine how your eagerness to take risks can meet your profit expectations.

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Nos atouts

  • Les 25 ans d’expertise en solutions d’investissements et gestion d’actifs du Groupe Elience dont nous sommes la filiale et du Groupe Patrimoines de France dont nous sommes membre.
  • L’expérience de nos managers
  • Notre maîtrise de l’ensemble de la chaîne des métiers de l’immobilier : expertise, conception, distribution et administration de biens
  • Notre démarche à la forte dimension sociétale avec la création des premières SCPI et SCI à fonds de partage au bénéfice de l’Institut du Cerveau (ICM)
  • La reconnaissance de nos produits, à travers les nombreux prix décernés à Pierval Santé :
    • Lauréate du prix “Fonds le plus innovant” décerné par le SIATI 2020
    • Grand prix Or du jury de Top SCPI 2020
    • Meilleure SCPI Santé “La Centrale des SCPI” 2019
    • Grand Prix de la Philanthropie du Grand Forum du Patrimoine 2019
    • Prix de l’Altruisme dans la catégorie Produits Financiers AXYLIA [PROFIT FOR NON PROFIT] AWARDS 2019
    • Médaille de bronze du prix spécial du jury de Top SCPI 2018

Ces récompenses ne préjugent pas des performances futures.

  • Notre volonté d’innover avec la création du Comité scientifique de Pierval Santé

  • Le lancement d’Euryale Lab, première plateforme collaborative de la santé et du mieux-vivre

Notre engagement

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  • de simplicité, car 85 % des Français jugent les marchés complexes à analyser.
  • de transparence, car 59% des épargnants souhaitent bénéficier d’outils leur permettant de mieux comprendre la façon dont est gérée leur épargne.
  • de sens, car vous voulez comprendre et donner du sens à votre épargne.

*Sources : Etude 2018 « Les Français et l’épargne digitale » Wesave et Deloitte et Etude 2018 « Etude annuelle Epargnants français » NIM


Nos valeurs

Ce sont…

  • la proximité

    La proximité ne peut concerner que client ou distributeur.

  • l’audace

    Parce que pour trouver les réponses pour demain, l’innovation est plus que jamais

    Notre SCPI Pierval Santé et notre SC Trajectoire santé sont les premières en France à se
    constituer en fonds de partage au profit de la Fondation ICM (Institut du Cerveau).
    Pour la 1er fois dans nos activités une fondation reçoit
    des dons proportionnels à l’activité commerciale d’une entreprise.

  • le collectif

    Parce qu’aujourd’hui, les seules solutions individuelles ne sont plus pertinentes.

    Nous privilégions la démarche collective dans la conception et la gestion de nos
    produits, avec notamment la création du Comité scientifique, nous permettant d’avoir une connaissance et une
    réflexion sur tous les aspects de la sphère santé, et la création d’Euryale Lab, nous permettant de
    transmettre nos
    connaissances et de faire partager à nos associés toute la richesse de l’écosystème d’Euryale.

  • la confiance

    La satisfaction de nos 57 065 clients et 130 partenaires exploitants en est chaque jour
    la meilleure preuve.